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Bear Down Already Will Ya?!

Into 39 Weeks,  unfortunately after my weekly check up it seems that little baby is just too comfortable inside mama’s tummy.

It’s true what a lot of mamas been telling me, by the time you are at the end you just want the baby OUT!

I’ve been at home too long that it’s driving me insane. I’ve nested. I’ve walked. I’ve even danced to Kinect Dance Central.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could actually sit in a comfortable position. But noooooo….. left side, right side, can’t recline, can’t get comfy leaning forward… I can’t possibly stay in polar bear position the whole day. A dip in a hot tub would be nice. But my biggest tub can only fit my feet. Bah!!!

Based on this week check up, Doc also said Baby’s weight is now estimated at 3.2kg… Whoaaaa… it was 2.8kg last week. And he estimated she will be small or normal size.

“Apa awak makan ni???” Doc jokes.

Hehehe… everything and anything that I wanted too. Dear Hubby SFM made sure of it. He certainly enjoys keeping me well fed. Because then he can call me Gemuk instead.

Then I got a bit scared. What if the weight of the baby effects my Natural Birth Plan??? I really don’t want a last minute C-Sect. So gotta be a bit careful with my meal intake. Quality not Quantity said the nutritionist at the Antenatal Class.



Bonda & Wife, living in the space of gratitude.

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