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What the Heck Does a Braxton Hicks Feels Like?

I’m getting a little antsy now it’s 5 days until my due date and I’m still not sure if I’ve had Braxton Hicks.

The Doc keeps asking “Have you felt tightening in your stomache?”

I would answer “Yes….”

But mostly because the baby is moving… sometimes because I ate too late so my tummy grumbles and tightens in anger me thinks… sometimes because i ate too much too.

Recently I felt like a sharp pain in my pelvic area… but it was so slight that when I focused on it, it disappeared. Huh… was that it?

I was informed that BH would be stronger as labour time neared… so it looks like I ain’t labouring anytime soon eh?

Nesting; that spurt of energy to clean up the house and get ready for the baby they say. Well it’s because I’m just tired at looking at a messy & dirty house. The house does not clean up by itself however often I try to will it too. And I won’t have the energy to do it after the baby comes. What will visitors say when they visit me later???

So I vacuumed the whole (most) house yesterday, and I was thinking of mopping it today since yesterday I was exhausted. Nope, lost my nesting mojo today. I’d rather put my thoughts up with a tub of ice cream by my side whilst I have the time in the world.



Bonda & Wife, living in the space of gratitude.

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